Friday, March 25, 2005

In The Garden

bobbie at emerging sideways has invited friends to blog their own flower metaphor. With spring and my birthday coming upon me, I thought it was a great idea. So, I chose the gerber daisy because it's my favorite. It seems to burst forth with attitude and an in your face joi de vivre that dares you to be sad. That's my kind of flower!

As I looked for more info, I came across this post on a gardening site. I laughed at the irony... I am so a gerber daisy.

They require full sun but I've found that if you keep them away from extremely hot situations, they perform much better.

You want to be careful not to over water. They actually
prefer to be a little on the dry side (like my sense of humor!) and if you're using them in containers you want to make sure that you select companions for them that require similar conditions.

Gerber daisies are heavy feeders and that's easy to understand when you think about just how much energy it takes to produce such vibrant robust blooms.

I'm trying to come up with breathtaking prose about how this flower embodies all that I am as a woman, but the words aren't coming. Nothing complex or poetic is flowing at the moment, so I leave you to make your own conclusions. :)


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